GameSurvey 2.0: Preview II: The new video approach

HTML5 animations are to complicated for non-technical users. But how create interactive animations which are easy to make and still compatible with any (mobile) device?

HTML5 is surely on of the most promising markup language for animations. This is especially true when you like to use such animations on mobile devices.

But not everyone is able to create HTML5 animations from scratch or use a creator tool such as Hype from Tumult. So we first thought about creating our own super intuitive online HTML5 creator. But to create such a perfect online animation software you need plenty of resources (which we do not have) and still face the risk of not being better than already existing software. Furthermore reinventing the wheel does not help anyone.

So we came up with a complete different approach: Using videos instead of animations! OK, that sound not so innovative first, but let me explain the advantages:

  1. Everyone knows how to create a short video: As nearly everyone owns a smartphone, to film a short video is not rocket science anymore. So if you are able to make short clip with you smartphone, you are basically able to interlink them with a database quite soon (wait for our product launch)
  2. You can still use your HTML5 or Flash creator: Another positive aspect of using videos as our main animations is the possibility that you can export nearly every animation in a video file. So in case you have already your perfect HTML5 animation, just export them as a video an use GameSurvey 2.0 to create an interactive plot.
  3. Videos are more secure: OK this aspect can surely be discussed. But another positive aspect of using videos is to reduce the risk of harmful scripts. If we just allow the upload of a video instead of a HTML5 animation we reduce the risk of putting (hidden) harmful and executable scripts on our servers.
  4.  There are plenty of intuitive apps out there: With the mobile device revolution in the last years, plenty of new and cheap apps have been offered. Nowadays you can easily use your iPad to create short animations and or a Stop and go movie without any special skills. As most of this apps use their own genuine file format which do not allow to use it in any other application they do allow an export in a video format (to share your results in social media mostly).
  5. Videos are multi-compatible: They can be played on Smartphones, Tablets, PC and plenty of other devices.
  6. Microsoft Powerpoint is your new friend: The last but quite promising aspect of using videos for your animation is Microsoft Powerpoint. Yes, as strange as it sounds but the latest versions of Microsoft Powerpoint (for Windows) allows the export of you slide-set as a video. Why is this good news? Because nearly everyone knows how to create a powerpoint presentation. Just explore the fancy transition possibilities let text and pictures fly around as you like and export the result as a video.