GameSurvey 2.0: Preview I: Motivation

The new approach of GameSurvey 2.0 is to offer an intuitive way of creating interdepend animations so that you can use it as a gamified survey. 

As our approach in GameSurvey 1.0 was to complex for many users we currently reinvent GameSurvey completely to offer a much more intuitive way of creating gamified solutions.

To create a gamified survey you need basically three aspects:

  1. An idea of a game plot
  2. Animations
  3. A database system to collect data

As the creation of a game plot is a very individual aspect we focused in our first version on a solution to interlink animations with a database system. As there (was and still is) plenty of software out there which allows you to create perfect animations, we developed a system where you can interlink HTML5 animations with a LimeSurvey database to create gamified surveys. That worked quite well, especially for us as we where able to create some interactive surveys and test them during an experimental study. But we soon got the feedback that not every user is a nerd like us and that they face some difficulties to create their own HTML5 animations. So we had to rethink our approach…