Becomes Stand-Alone Software Program

After scientific application areas of GameSurvey have successfully been confirmed, GameSurvey now is an independent software focussing on being user friendly. More precisely, GameSurvey will be available to the public as a solution, that allows to easily and intuitively create gamified online surveys.

“The first version of GameSurvey is based on the open software LimeSurvey. This solutions has proven to be enormously functional for methodical tests, however, it is not intuitive enough for the development of a broader application. Not every user with research and science background is technically experienced enough to further develop an animation into a GameSurvey. Basically, a GameSurvey consists of the four aspects animation, sequence control, data base and the methodological knowledge around the game’s structure. The first three aspects have proven to be a bottleneck for many users. Exactly these weak points will be addressed in the new version of GameSurvey. Therefore an online software featuring an intuitive user interface will be developed, in order for users to create gamified surveys as easily as common online surveys. Scenes, sequences and databases can simply and intuitively be connected using drag and drop, in order to create individual sequences. Moreover, we also came up with an idea for the creation of underlying animations. Soon you won’t have to be an engineer to create exciting and fun surveys”, explains Johannes Gartner, founder of GameSurvey.